Winners will get Cups from jewelry house "Lobortas"

Winners will get Cups from jewelry house “Lobortas”

To order of FIDE international chess federation, Classic Jewelry House “Lоbоrtаs” has designed and created the Big and the Small cups to award the FIDE Grand Prix series winners of men’s individual competition.  The models of Big and Small Cups of FIDE Grand Prix event were presented by Igor Lobortas, the Head of the House, at the first Grand Prix FIDE 2014-2015 tournament series, held in Baku, Azerbaijan, from 1 to 15 October 2014.

Every year precious trophies, made of silver, gold and diamonds, with the author’s design of the Classic Jewelry House “Lоbоrtаs”, whose artisans created Big and Small chess Oscars “Caissa” and Grand Prix women’s series cups for FIDE earlier, will be solemnly awarded to men’s Grand Prix series winners.

The Big cup will have the winner’s name and the year of the event engraved on it and is to be stored at the FIDE headquarters up to the next Grand Prix series finals.  The base of Grand Prix series Small trophy, a reduced copy of the Big FIDE trophy, features an innovative seal that indicates the year of the victory and contains an International Chess Federation bookplate.  The Small Grand Prix cup will be handed over to the winner for permanent possession.   For all subsequent victories, the years of winning seasons may be additionally engraved on the Small cup.


The Cup represents a King chess piece on the podium, the most important and valuable chessman, symbolizing the genuine nature of mind not capable of being destructed.  A stylized silver chessboard serves as the King’s background.

Technical and creative innovation in FIDE Grand Prix series Cups is that the base of Small trophy features the seal with the year of the championship and a FIDE bookplate, which can be used in particularly emblematic cases. Also the winner has an option of substituting the seal with his personal alternative or update the seal in case of subsequent victories. This innovation is the first of its kind used in international awards. It was approved and supported by FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and may receive further recognition and be put into practice by the makers of other significant awards. Thus, the precious trophy is both a work of XXI century jewelry art and an item of historical value, representing the owner’s wins in the FIDE championships.

The Lobortas Classic Jewelry House, the designer of the trophy, specializes in creating jewelry art works of historical significance.  The House’s works include outstanding examples of XXI century craftsmanship, including a ring listed in the Guinness World Book of Records. The works of the House are exhibited at the world’s leading museums and owned by heads of states, religious leaders, international sports organizations and the world’s elites. Including the hockey, football, golf and bodybuilding precious cups created and handed over to the international champions.