Some of the world top chess players have arrived to Khanty-Mansiysk

Some of the world top chess players have arrived to Khanty-Mansiysk

Today the participants of the final leg of FIDE Grand Prix Series 2014/15 as well as arbiters, FIDE delegates and special guests have arrived to the capital of Ugra. Upon their arrival some representatives of international chess community have given their comments to the press-center of the tournament.

The participant of the tournament Peter Svidler has confessed that for him games of this leg will not have big influence on the result in the tournament as his performance was not very successful during the previous three legs of the Grand-Prix. «I will enjoy the process of playing. I am very happy to be back to Khanty-Mansiysk especially in late spring. The organization of the tournaments here is always very good, that’s why it’s a pleasure for me to play here», — said the grand master.


The Chief Executive Officer of FIDE Geoffrey Borg has explained why this tournament is very important for many chess players. «It’s not just the money which is being on the line, but also the qualifying stages for the final candidates next year. So of course the games will be very tense. And of course we have big chances to see good fight because we have many great players here like Tomashevsky and Caruana. So it will be a big fight. Tomashevsky has to show his form he’s been in in the last events; he is a very solid player. Caruana, as we know, is one of the biggest talents, so it will be very interesting. And then we have all the great players: Karjakin is here, Grischuk is here, Gelfand is here, Vachier-Lagrave is here, Jakovenko is here. So it will be a very interesting tournament», — said Geoffrey Borg.


«It is always a joy for me to come back to Khanty-Mansiysk. People here are friendly; I have a lot of friends here. It is not like you’re visiting the city but you are visiting a lot of friends here you were working with. We know each other very well. It is very enjoyable», — said FIDE CEO.

It is worth reminding that 12 chess players from Russia, USA, Netherlands, Georgia, Israel, Italy and Cuba have arrived to the capital of Ugra. The opening ceremony of the tournament will be held today in Ugra Chess Academy. And on May’14 the first games of the Grand-Prix will start, says the official web-page of the tournament.