Leinier Dominguez: I like playing in the Russian League

Leinier Dominguez: I like playing in the Russian League

Lenier Dominguez and Sergey Karjakin finished their game in a draw and came to the press-center to meet the press.

Q: Lenier, you are representing the sunny Cuba here. Could you expect such a warm, even hot weather in Siberia in spring?

Lenier Dominguez replied that he left Cuba a month ago, as he played in the World Team Championship in Armenia first, and then participated in the Russian Club Championship in Sochi. Naturally, he expected a colder weather, so this came as a nice surprise. He added that he really likes when it’s warm outside, it feels much more comfortable for him.

Q: Lenier, you play in the Russian League for several years already. Did you like the new venue?

GM Dominguez said he plays in the Russian League for the fourth time and enjoys it for it is such a strong event where he can meet some really strong opponents and gather experience. He likes the new venue – Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina – even better.

Q: Sergey, why you did not play in the League this year?

Sergey Karjakin said he really wanted to, but he participated in the World Team Championship prior to the League and then had this tournament in Khanty-Mansiysk scheduled. Playing three important and strong events in a row would certainly be ill-advised. Sergey revealed that he was invited to the Siberia club, which ended up winning the championship. He also mentioned that his previous club – Malachite – still owes him the prize money from the last year, so he had no intention of playing for them this year.

Q: Lenier, you come to Russia quite often. Did you learn any Russian yet?

Dominguez: No, unfortunately. I think Russian is a very difficult language. Nevertheless, if I had little more free time, I would start learning it.