Grand Prix participants set up the Alley of Champions

Grand Prix participants set up the Alley of Champions

The participants of the concluding stage of FIDE Grand Prix have their own alley now. On the rest say the players grabbed shovels and made significant contribution to beautification of the Ugra capital.

The Alley of Champions was set up near the Ugra Chess Academy. The event was also attended by Deputy Governor of Ugra Alexey Putin, Head of the Sports Department of Ugra Evgeny Red’kin, and Mayor of Khanty-Mansiysk and President of Ugra Chess Federation Vassily Filipenko.


“All chess players must plant several trees during their lives to compensate for the wood spent on chess boards!” This joke of Vassily Filipenko cheered up the world’s best players even more. The alley was set up quickly and passionately.

“Frankly speaking, it amazes me that Khanty-Mansiysk is such a green town”, said Boris Gelfand. “It was nice to take part in this event, plant a tree, and make a green town a little bit greener.”

“I enjoyed participating in this event. It is fun and good for players, as it helps us to relax and take our minds off chess – a great idea for the rest day!” said Lenier Dominguez.

“A very original idea! I have never planted trees before. It is great that Ugra has such a nice place fully dedicated to chess”, commented Anish Giri.


The young Karjakin couple planted their first tree. They promised to visit Khanty-Mansiysk from time to time to check on its growth.

“Planting a tree was my dream, it is so nice! I already have a house, just planted a tree, so there is only one box left to check”, said Sergey with a smile.