Galiya Karjakina: We realized that we missed Khanty-Mansiysk a lot

Galiya Karjakina: We realized that we missed Khanty-Mansiysk a lot

The better half of Sergey Karjakin has told the press center of FIDE Grand Prix that she is not playing chess with her husband and explained how it feels to be a wife of 25 y.o. grand master.

– Galiya, how it feels to be a wife of Sergey Karyakin? Is it difficult?

– I would not say it is difficult. To my mind, this is not correct to say that it is difficult or bad to be a wife, a family is a family, and such words are not suitable for it.  As for Sergey’s popularity, I can’t say that it influences our family life, it was our decision to choose this way so we are not paying much attention to everything that happens around us.

How did you meet?

– We met when Sergey was moving from Ukraine to Russia, I assisted him in making some documents for changing the educational institutions, besides, I was making some documents he needed for getting the Russian citizenship.

– You are travelling with your husband a lot; do you think he needs your support on the tournaments?

– It’s difficult to answer. I think it would be better to ask Sergey about this.  Before going here to Khanty-Mansiysk we were deciding who will accompany Sergey during the Grand Prix – his coach or me – and, as you see, Sergey chose me (laughs). The thing is that we have been here a year ago for a whole month and the weather was not so warm and pleasant, so my husband decided that I am already used to such conditions and took me with him. I’d like to add that this year the weather has pleasantly surprised us!

– What emotions do you feel when you are coming back to Khanty-Mansiysk?

– Of cause, it’s not so easy to stay here in severe winter conditions. But it is so nice here in summer. Every evening we are walking for several hours, we notice that there are a lot of young people living here, they are walking around the city and this is great! And yesterday we realized that we missed Khanty-Mansiysk a lot, food here is very tasty, we can’t afford to eat such dishes in Moscow – for example, reindeer meet or slices of frozen muksun.

 – Do you play chess with your husband?

– No, I am not playing with my husband. In my childhood I was first-class junior sportsman and now I am working in a kindergarten, teaching kids to play chess and I am satisfied with it.

 – What so you say to your husband when he loses a game?

– He takes every loss in a different way – sometimes they are very disappointing, mostly caused by carelessness. It is much more difficult to lose to a player who is stronger.