Everybody has his favorite Svidler loss to tease Svidler with that

Everybody has his favorite Svidler loss to tease Svidler with that

The penultimate day of the Grand Prix in Khanty-Mansiysk produces several draws. Grandmasters Peter Svidler and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave also ended their game peacefully.

After the game they spent some time at the press-center answering questions from the media.

Q: Peter, you played in Khanty-Maniysk very often. We all remember your great success in 2011, when you won the World Cup. Can you remember how many times you actually played here?

Svidler: Yes, I think winning the World Cup is my biggest achievement. And as for you question – it is really difficult to give an exact number, I simply don’t remember. Two World Cups, the Olympiad, this Grand Prix, the Candidates… At least five times, right? Well, as you can see from my play this time, I am and aging and sick man, and can remember nothing.

Vachier-Lagrave: When did your famous endgame with Aronian happen?

Svidler: Everybody has his favorite Svidler loss to tease Svidler with that. Generally there are games I resign in drawn positions, but this game is not one of them, this is something new for my collection. I’ll go and look it up as well, I am hazy about the details.

Q: Maxime, and how many times you played here?

Vachier-Lagrave: In Khanty-Mansiysk I played in two World Cups, the Olympiad, and this is my fourth tournament. The first tournament was the most successful.

Q: Will you participate in the World Cup?

Vachier-Lagrave: I have no choice. In order to qualify for the Candidates Tournament I must play in the World Cup. It it a very interesting event and I am looking forward to playing with a different format.

Svidler: I actually began enjoying them but also I have to. We haven’t done good enough here. Although I probably would have played there anyway because it is a fun tournament with good prizes. Barring accidents – I might break something else… Bascially I break one limb per year, and seems to be worse every year. So I am not looking forward to the next one.