Chess players have told about their plans for the day-off in Khanty-Mansiysk

Chess players have told about their plans for the day-off in Khanty-Mansiysk

Today is a day-off on FIDE Grand Prix in Khanty-Mansiysk. We have asked some of the participants about their plans for the day.

Anish Giri:

I wanted to look what the swimming pool is about; probably I am going to swim. And I will have kind of a rest day, I’ll try to stay in shape and come back hopefully with an interesting game.

Leinier Dominguez:

This is my third tournament in a row because I played in Armenia and also in the Russian league so a free day is a great thing right now for me. I will try to make a good use of it and I’ll try to rest as much as possible.

Hikaru Nakamura:

I haven’t played as many tournaments as Leinier certainly, but I will also try to relax. Obviously between yesterday and today I haven’t played exciting games, so I will just have rest and probably watch some sports tomorrow. There’re the finals in Rome, of course, between Djokovic and Federer and, besides, there is also NHL hockey.

As far as hockey goes, I personally find Conference finals more interesting because I root for “New York Rangers”. As for the victory of Russia in the semifinal of World Championship, I think this is mostly because all best Russian players are not in play-off anymore. So I think this is one of the reasons why Russia beat the US as many best American players are still in the play-off.

Many people like to make fun of FIDE for conflicts between tournaments, but when you look at something like hockey, which is called more professional by many people; World Championships finals are taking place at the same time as Stanley Cup finals.  Because of that you don’t have absolutely best players and I think it is a shame that there is such a conflict in hockey.

Fabiano Caruana:

I will probably walk around the city. I came here a few days before the tournament and walked around a bit and also I will just rest.

Maxime Vachier-Lagrave:

I will have rest as well because I need to refresh my mind. Until now my games here were quite chaotic. There were a lot of oversights, too many of them. So I need a new state of mind for the next games.

Peter Svidler:

I prefer passive rest. Especially now, as recently I have played football and broke my hand. I am still recovering. So, the fewer variants of active outdoor activities I am offered the better. This will keep me healthier.