Berik Balgabaev: The capital of Ugra is the guarantee of the highest quality

Berik Balgabaev: The capital of Ugra is the guarantee of the highest quality

Press briefing dedicated to the start of FIDE Grand Prix Series in Khanty-Mansiysk was held in the government headquarters of Ugra.

The speakers of the event were the head of FIDE in Russia Berik Balgabaev and the deputy director of the department of physical culture and sport of Ugra Igor Krutko.


«Of course, we are very happy to be back in Khanty-Mansiysk, this is because the capital of Ugra is the guarantee of the highest quality for the international chess community. It is a pleasure for us to have the final leg of these important FIDE Grand Prix Series here, — said Berik Balgabaev. — Upon my arrival here I have already talked to the participants of the tournament, all of them are satisfied with the conditions for playing and their accommodation».

Berik Balgabaev has also mentioned that Dmitry Jakovenko representing Ugra is participating in the tournament: «Dmitry has always been among top chess players, he is playing his home tournaments with the special feelings. That’s why he has all the chances to show very good results and to be among the leaders».

Igor Krutko has told the journalists about the development of chess in Ugra.

«In addition to Dmitry Jakovenko I could also mention Olga Girya that came from Langepas chess school and is one of the leaders of Russian team. Currently our young pupils are participating in different national and international tournaments, 8 chess players from our region are in the national chess team of Russia. It is very important for Ugra to develop this sport. More than 25 000 people are currently playing chess in the region. We want to continue developing chess here and we hope that old Soviet strategy – from quantity to quality – will be a success and we will raise good athletes that will be representing our country on international level».

We journalists have also asked about the possibility of including chess in the program of the Olympic Games.

«On June’19 we are having a meeting with Thomas Bach where we plan to discuss this issue. It is very important to include this sport in the Games in order to have governmental support of chess in all countries, — said Berik Balgabaev. — Why do we plan to include chess in the program of Winter Olympics? It is simple – the current program of Summer Olympics is very tight. In order to include chess there we will need to exclude some other sport and we do not want to do this. We see the potential of Winter Olympic Games that will be caused to including chess in its schedule. People in countries with warm climate are not interested much in Winter Olympics so chess will help to raise this interest».

It is to be reminded that today, on May’13 the final leg of FIDE Grand Prix Series 2014/15 will start in Ugra Chess Academy in Khanty-Mansiysk.

The tournament will consist of 11 rounds. Chess players will have 2 days-off – there will be no games on May’18 and May’22. Participants of the tournament will be able to attend the cultural program of the competitions, which is now being formed. It is worth noting that the final games will be played on May’26. On the same day the closing ceremony and the awarding of the winners will take place.